Real Estate Transactions



5 Ann Ct, Eaton, Zachary E to Yates 2nd, David A, 7/19, $391,000

7 Colvintown Rd, Keitz, Kyle P and Vizzacco, Gianna L to Freeman, Maurice and Darden, Nicole, 7/20, $425,000

11 Sunset Ave, Reid, Brenda J and Deutsche Bk Natl TCo to Luis, Antonio, 7/17, $171,000

42 Ledge Rd, Manocchio, Louis J and Reyes, Francis R to Gensel, Kurt and Griffith, Natalie, 7/17, $489,000

78 Gervais St, Lacroix, Joseph to Sangster, Eric, 7/21, $485,000

109 Jefferson Dr, Dahlin, Christopher R and Dahlin, Amanda to Moran, Zachary and Moran, Sara A, 7/20, $435,000

257 S Main St, Andrews, Linda E and Us Bank TNa to Alpha Holdings LLC, 7/21, $154,000

1804 Village Green Cir Lot 1804, Michaud, Pierre and Michaud, Kelly to Credit, Donna, 7/21, $405,000

1990 New London Tpke, Sprague, Stephen and Selwyn, Madelyn to Gardner, Jennifer G and Gardner, Graham, 7/20, $385,000


11 Ivanhoe St, Lyford, Kailey E to Laplante, Michele and Etchells, Matthew, 7/13, $350,000

15 W Hill Cir, Criscione Relt and Criscione, Mary to Bajakian, Eliza V, 7/14, $375,000

16 E View Ave, Walter King Enterprises L to Quality Investments LLC, 7/21, $290,000

16 E View Ave, Rhode Island Housing & Mo to Walter King Enterprises L, 7/21, $264,000

20 Selma St, Morra, Mark V to Acosta, Vinisis J, 7/20, $406,000

23 Gray Coach W, Inaganti, Dharmatej and Ancha, Mamatha J to Herring, James L and Herring, Soojeong L, 7/17, $649,900

26 Haven Ave, Cairo, Kim A to Coppolino, Mark and Coppolino, Philip C, 7/19, $380,000

29 Blackamore Ave, River Bridge Real Estate to Mardavich, Audrey and Wilkerson, James M, 7/14, $515,000

30 Cornell St, Whitted, Charlee M to Hogan, Regina T, 7/14, $426,500

39 Meadow Ave, Aronne, Victoria J to Contreras, Daisy, 7/21, $3,300,000

40-42 June Ave, Carosi, Melissa L to Supreme Enterprises LLC, 7/17, $290,000

50 Bethel St, White, Michelle K to Thompson, Jeffrey J and Thompson, Danielle, 7/14, $405,000

59 Harwood St, Genereux, Kenneth S and Genereux, Eugenie M to Walker, Katherine, 7/18, $370,000

62 Old Spring Rd, Ned Stevens Inc to Barden Ft, 7/20, $1

66 Oak St, Three Kids LLC to Jackson, Alicia J, 7/17, $353,000

71 Bain St, Two Js LLC to Dobson, Jimmy M, 7/14, $353,000

76 Harmon Ave, Johnson, John and Johnson, Catherine to Lomba, Mariana C, 7/17, $290,000

78 Apple Blossom Ln, Regine, Matthew to Phillips, Kyle, 7/21, $410,000

81 Wheeler Ave Lot 2, Lapenta, Catherine M to Rioux, Jeffrey B, 7/17, $285,000

86 B St, B Street Holdings LLC to James, Dean P and Bowen, Simone A, 7/19, $355,000

95 Pippin St, Mattera, Hanne to Pacesetter Properties LLC, 7/14, $240,000

100 Norman Ave, Santagata Sandra A Est and King, Melissa to Torrijo, Rosario E, 7/14, $340,000

101 Fordson Ave, Soscia, Michael J and Soscia, Stephanie F to Rwr Real Estate Investmen, 7/21, $265,000

106 Norwood Ave Lot 1, Locarno, Kathleen A to Brennan, Kelly, 7/19, $315,000

112 Arnold Ave, Nakadate, Laurel K and Moody 3rd, Hiram F to Derecola, Christopher M and Derecola, Melissa B, 7/21, $820,000

131 Fordson Ave Lot 5, Cole, Esther B to Dibiasio, Anthony and Medeiros, Joana O, 7/13, $225,000

271 Smith St, Hernandez, Altagracia A to Wang, Chen, 7/18, $335,000

271 Smith St, Hernandez, Altagracia A to Wang, Cheng, 7/14, $335,000

298 Pontiac Ave, Ancris LLC to Arch Properties LLC, 7/14, $439,000

327 Beckwith St, Cunha Joyce Est and Cunha, Mark to Toc, Jessica and Godinez, Alexandra, 7/18, $350,000

417 Pontiac Ave, Phillips, Kyle to Pourshoushtari, David K and Cherry, Callin B, 7/21, $380,000

593 Oaklawn Ave, Kattan, Mokhtar Y to Joseph, Roodolph, 7/14, $423,500

634 Natick Ave, Larson, Tara M to Karwal, Arun S and Mcteague, Shaylyn, 7/20, $626,000

730 Pontiac Ave, Vieira, Judith to Zelano, Anthony, 7/14, $300,000

1994 Cranston St, Saccoccio, Michael J and Ronzio, Samantha D to Mendez-Lewis, Elena and Lewis-Johnson, Nicola, 7/17, $362,000

East Greenwich

5 Harwood Rd, Florence, Michael to Fain, Michael, 7/19, $985,000

42 5th St, Img Investments LLC to Marcus, Adrienne L, 7/20, $560,000

155 Hunters Xing, Persaud, Parmanand and Persaud, Chandra to Florence, Michael, 7/19, $1,175,000


Howard Allen Liberty Hts Lot A1, Brown, Cynthia J and Brown, Donald P to Clark, Bryan W and Bertrand, Ashley N, 7/13, $551,000

5 Oak Hill Dr, Gale, Cheryl J to Martin, Brittany and Pitera, Steven, 7/20, $450,000

5 S County Trl, Arnold Daryl P Est and Arnold, Nicholas to Aelo Realty LLC, 7/19, $282,000

29 Lantern Ln, Dennerlein, George and Dennerlein, Nina S to Decesare, Craig A, 7/20, $590,000

389 Widow Sweets Rd, Albro Richard E Est and Albro, Wayne N to Albro 3rd, Richard E, 7/14, $300,000

716-A S County Trl, Dambra Const Company Inc to Gillette, Timothy, 7/20, $80,000


9 Tall Oaks Ct, Jonoso Company LLC to J Investments LLC, 7/14, $275,000

15 Steere St, Stepinski Leokadia Est and Stepinski, Richard J to Laurendeau, Claire, 7/21, $328,500

34 Tartaglia St, Jerez, Erin and Jerez, Luis to Houlihan, Kelsey L and Marchand, Ross, 7/14, $410,000

36 Pleasant Ave, Botelho, Edwin D and Botelho, Stephanie M to Ohnemus, Gregory and Sorice, Brittany, 7/18, $400,000

49 Belvedere St, Fiori, Barbara and Fiori Sr, Frank to Sisters Faithful Comapnio, 7/14, $400,000

119 Pine Hill Ave, Pari, Frank M and Pari, Frank L to Diaz, Narvaez and Andrea, Carla, 7/13, $335,000

139 Scituate Ave, Sciacca Ft and Sciacca, Elvio to Martins, Kevin K and Martins, Michelle T, 7/21, $782,000

868 Greenville Ave, Gelinas, Christopher and Pagano, Jason to Brule, Jonathan E, 7/14, $420,000

1145 Hartford Ave Lot 3B, Dowling Jr, Patrick and Read 2nd, Arthur M to Watkinson T and Watkinson, Craig J, 7/19, $185,000


11 Sea Breeze Ter, Ntwali, Gonzalves to Wood, Kevin and Pettis, Pamela J, 7/19, $725,000

17 Bowman Dr, Nardolillo John Est and Nardolillo, John J to Clift, Stepanie M, 7/20, $345,000

32 Damon Ave, Corkins, Gerald S to Demeulenaere, Kyle E and Demeulenaere, Brittany N, 7/19, $410,000

32 Shore Ave, Knight, John to Mazzarelli, Marc F and Takeshita, Hiroko M, 7/20, $393,000

36 Tarawa Dr, Lsf9 Master Participation and Us Bank TNa to Corkins, Gerald S, 7/19, $390,000

44 Johnson Ave, Campbell, Douglas A to Richardson, Tanya C and Richardson, Christopher R, 7/17, $335,000

44 Mckay Ct, Wood, Kevin M to Constantine, Jonathan M and Priest, Chelsea, 7/19, $460,000

53 Waverly St, Giglio Schaub Fret and Giglio, Armand M to Manocchio, Daniel R, 7/18, $259,000

79 Welfare Ave, Ntwali, Gonzalves to Xiong, Yeng and Xiong, Zeb, 7/20, $395,000

111 Randall Ave, Robert & Pauline Choquett and Choquette, Christopher M to Gionet, Michael and Gionet, Adesholla, 7/20, $417,777

118 Howie Ave, Quinton, Keith F to Dowding, Robert and Dowding, Christine, 7/18, $405,000

129 Atlantic Ave, Denson, Ronald W and Denson, Kimberly E to Denson Jr, Ronald W, 7/20, $570,500

130 Corona St, Vitali, Colleen A to Christiansen 2nd, Raymond W and Christiansen, Tara A, 7/20, $187,500

315 Greenwood Ave, Pettis, Pamela to Branch, Steven W and Branch, Pamela V, 7/17, $439,900

400 Narragansett Pkwy Lot SC12, Gonzalez, Steven and Sweetman, Jill to Silvia, Mary L, 7/18, $285,000

771 Oakland Beach Ave, Lake Life LLC to Sousas Houses To Homes LL, 7/18, $267,500

1120 Narragansett Pkwy, Odowd, Janice M to Cordeiro, Brian S, 7/18, $405,000

2131 Warwick Ave, Porcaro, Gregory A and Porcaro, Becky A to Pichardo, Junior C, 7/19, $325,000

West Greenwich

40 Henry Brown Rd, Lee, Kang and Lee, Amanda to Susan Margaret Schepici R and Schepici, Susan M, 7/19, $739,000

390 Henry Brown Rd, Desmarais, Heather to Jose L Romeiro T, 7/21, $550,000

West Warwick

4 Grove St, Pacheco, Concepcion to Rocha, Ryan F and Rocha, Juri, 7/24, $322,000

12 Pauline St, Austin, Brooks A to Lewis, Cristina and Lewis, Matthew, 7/21, $387,000

13 Tampa St, Cottle, Carl to Babb, Michael J and Christian, Jeremey J, 7/20, $378,000

16 Scenic Dr Lot 16, Wheaton, Rhonda L to Harrington, Edward and Harrington, Kathleen, 7/21, $301,000

18 Loggers Run, Creasia, Joetta L to Equity TCompany, 7/24, $97,000

27-37 Washington St Lot 5, Washington Cap Invs LLC to Hall, Joseph M, 7/24, $324,900

57 Harley St, Amy Realty Rigp to Inman, Kenneth W, 7/21, $1

88 Lenox Ave, Legault, Richard G and Cayouette, Diane J to Guillen, Jorge and Guillen, Maritza, 7/25, $395,000

316 Washington St, Ledoux, Austin K to Dermarderosian, Timothy, 7/20, $385,000

565 Quaker Ln Lot 122, Erin M Groppe RET and Groppe, Erin M to Kabra, Madhusudan and Rathi, Payal S, 7/21, $281,000

Information compiled by The Warren Group


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