Real Estate Transactions



8 Manor Dr, Chofay, Robert to Forcelli, Jeffrey, 7/24, $370,000

31 Milton Ln, Shelton, Jack W and Shelton, Mildred F to Gouveia, Marilou, 7/24, $175,000


11 Iris Dr, Murad, Muwafa and Tawfeq, Zina to Juarez, Edy, 7/24, $550,000

16 Bowen St, Ellinwood, Kim L to Ford, Bryan D, 7/28, $150,000

21 Lexington Ave, New England Pro-Cleaners to Lastor, Aneida A and Lastor Gutierrez, Harry A, 7/28, $325,000

32 Vallone Rd, Arnaud, Joan M to Moss Home Solutions LLC, 7/26, $230,000

38 Coulters Rd, Forleo, Stephen V to Dgl Investments LLC, 7/27, $330,000

38 Orlando Ave, Next Level Renovations LL to Gruetzke, Robert C and Gruetzke, Joseph T, 7/27, $432,000

43 Denver Ave, Kondaur Capital Real Prop to Comprehensive Community A, 7/28, $340,000

45 Windsor Rd, Decesaris, James V and Decesaris, Marian J to Longo, Brian, 7/24, $100,000

53 Peerless St, Gomes, Melanie to Urizar, Rudin F and Ruiz, Dereck T, 7/24, $315,000

54 Salem Ave, Rainone, William C and Rainone, Susanna to Alvarez, Liznette, 7/24, $320,555

60 Boxwood Ave, Fallon, Jody to Deware, Michelle L and Bobola, Eric T, 7/24, $277,600

60 E Bel Air Rd, Tufano, Mark T and Tufano, Kelly L to Vecchiarino, Kyle and Vecchiarino, Angela, 7/26, $560,000

63 Community Dr, Gonzalez, Christopher and Cruz, Karelyn to Mazza, Frank, 7/28, $350,000

88 Betsey Williams Dr, Ros, Picheth and Ros, Chhenghong to Balakrishnan, Christopher and Girard, Jessica, 7/28, $440,000

95 Oakland Ave, Corens, Peter D to Corens, Gabriel F and Portero, Carolina S, 7/25, $450,000

100 Plantation Dr, Marvin J Klar Lt and Klar, Lynn G to Rioux, Michael, 7/28, $410,000

100 Wayland Ave, Gooding, Cheryl A to Gooding, Ethan T, 7/26, $481,000

113 Carlton St, Duran, Eduardo M and Pizarro, Steven to Wallace 3rd, Hardy, 7/25, $580,000

483 Pontiac Ave, Ancris LLC to Vetiaque, Aggee and Vetiaque, Sophonie, 7/25, $465,000

547 Park Ave, Cardoso, Sara P to Rosa, Yolanda O, 7/25, $595,000

East Greenwich

1 Russell Way, Dungan, Kyle and Dungan, Danielle to Morse, Justin and Uddin, Amy, 7/21, $1,060,000

15 Blueberry Dr, Janina H Dymsza Lt and Dymsza, Valerie A to Tres Design Build LLC, 7/27, $516,000

15 Harwood Rd, Megules, Karl and Megules, Jennifer to Stefanidakis Rt and Stefanidakis, Charles K, 7/26, $995,000

20 Juniper Dr, Khan, Tariq M and Khan, Zara to Crevier, Alissa and Schabowsky, Christopher, 7/24, $1,150,000

25 Franklin Rd Lot 5, River Farm Place LLC to Rodrigues, Toni-Marie and Tamayo, Harold, 7/28, $529,000

37 Main St Lot 5, Dantas, Gregory M to Stencel, Thomas R and Stencel, Katarzyna, 7/28, $319,000

60 Deep Meadow Ln Lot 60, Roby, Mark S and Roby, Joan M to Toubman, Gary B and Toubman, Susan B, 7/26, $7,300,000

70 Fox Run, Pare Jr, Edward D and Pare, Donald M to Zarenski, Andrew T and Sliva, Danielle, 7/27, $1,195,000

102 Vistas Ct Lot 102, Hong, Leang and Hong, Nathalie to Chelo, Glenn, 7/21, $570,000

135 S Pierce Rd, Heller, Lanie C and Murray, John to Wei, Zhi, 7/24, $377,500

500 Carrs Pond Rd, Rmac T and Us Bank Na to Rmac T and Us Bank Na, 7/24, $777,525


1 Earl Dr, Jwp Investments LLC to Duran, Evelyn P and Duran, Roberto D, 7/31, $700,000

4 Bella Woods Ct, Durgee, Mark to Polisena Jr, Joseph M and Polisena, Samantha S, 7/25, $675,000

14 S Fairview St, Browning, Zachary S and Manchester, Ryan J to Lar Investments LLC, 7/25, $215,000

18 Harding Ave, Perez, Ronald A to Resendes, Spencer T and Scott, Ashley M, 7/26, $385,000

22 Niverville St, Agarwal, Kavita to Badeau, Adam, 7/28, $466,000

125 Central Ave, Demoranville, Chrissie J to Fasshauer, Jillian M, 7/31, $420,000

125 Central Ave, Ri Hsng And Mtg Fin Corp and Balzano, Gennaro L to Johnston Town Of, 7/31, $1

1603 Plainfield Pike Lot E2, Sitko 4th, William P to Marianetti, James A, 7/27, $248,000

West Greenwich

95 Breakheart Hill Rd, Page, Jill K to Roy, Lisa M, 7/24, $370,000

West Warwick

4 Starling Way Lot 4, Cartus Financial Corp to Macedo, David J and Macedo, Susan M, 7/28, $589,900

4 Starling Way Lot 4, Oliver 3rd, Eddie and Oliver, Charline to Cartus Financial Corp, 7/28, $589,900

10 Winthrop Ave, Brennan, Xcindy A to Champigny, Paul H and Sangermano 3rd, Peter J, 7/27, $329,000

13 Centre St, Elmwood Realty LLC to Balderas, Milvia R, 7/28, $340,000

25 Harmony St, Eacueo 2nd, Michael A to Knight, Jenna L, 7/31, $340,000

25 Kulas Rd, West Warwick Town Of and Gilchrist, Ian to Harbor Heights LLC, 7/28, $2,459

26 Park Blvd, Kowal, Pauline G and Jimmis, Karen J to Gray, Jessica and Gray, Jaden, 7/31, $320,000

30 Queen Ave, Goddard Mariette Est and Goddard, Lauren to Spain Environmental Inc, 7/31, $363,000

31 Laramee St, Belluscio, James F and Belluscio, Dale R to Usselman, Kimberly and Mottl, Thomas, 7/27, $385,000

57 Village Ct Lot 57, Belanger Sr, John K to Annette R Wright Lt and Wright, Carl S, 8/1, $210,000

131 Legris Ave, Elmwood Realty LLC to Ramirez, Oscar, 7/27, $387,000

526 Providence St, Vasquez Props to Morris, Selena L, 7/27, $2,932

Information compiled by The Warren Group


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