Real Estate Transactions



2 Mica Ave, J&s Investments LLC to Hernandez, Elida and Benscome, Rosely, 8/4, $415,000

7 Adams St, Parmele, Susan M and Wahl, Deborah A to Verrecchia Construction M, 8/1, $525,000

15 Curtis St Lot 305, Hayes, Brandon to Santos, Brittany, 7/31, $275,000

27 Cleveland Ave, Bandong, Julian C and Bandong, Helen A to Delacruz-Martinez, L M and Mota-Urizar, Milton A, 7/31, $410,000

32 Vallone Rd, Moss Home Solutions LLC to Trustn Investments LLC, 8/4, $285,000

42 Prospect St, Summit Realty LLC to Iozzi, Angelo, 7/31, $1

54 Knight St, Silva, Antero to Butt, Usman and Usma, Saliha, 7/31, $425,000

63 Urbana St, Cannata, Robert J and Cannata, David A to Cannata, David A and Cannata, Eric J, 8/2, $145,000

64 Julia St, Saing, Aun to Bel, Frantz and Delacruz Santos, Landy C, 7/31, $394,000

70 Perkins Ave, Cayard, Claude J and Cayard, Jean C to Cortes, Sam and Cortes, Myasia, 8/2, $310,000

93 Midvale Ave, Beeley, Elaine to Petrillo, Robert and Petrillo, Gianna, 8/4, $390,000

111 Clarence St, Menezes, Michelle D to Raver Jr, Robert and Raver, Jenny, 8/2, $379,900

117 Waite Ave, Blackey, Matthew D and Kiser, Michael P to Befort, Jason Q and Jensen, Heidi J, 7/31, $548,000

143 Hoffman Ave Lot 14, Gautschi, Henri W and Homonoff, Marvin to Telesto Properties LLC, 8/3, $225,250

147 Fiat Ave, Iacono Deborah A Est and Iacono, Matthew R to Deleon, Jesse, 8/4, $375,000

161 Burlingame Rd, Andrew Jr, Leland E to Martin, Paul and Martin, Anna, 8/1, $490,000

165 Bartlett Ave, Breard Francis H Est and Salisbury, Lisa M to Ribeiro, Antonio and Blanco, Rafael, 8/3, $250,000

173 Pleasant St, Pellegrino, William A and Pellegrino, Bonnie J to Iech, Thea, 7/31, $440,000

205 Beckwith St, Cps Ft and Fay, Anne S to Wogbeth, Margaret G, 8/1, $406,000

246 Smith St, Kropf, Theodor E to Ahumada, Eduardo A, 8/3, $443,000

1538 Plainfield Pike, Dimaio, David C and Dimaio, Lianne to Dimaio, Michael J, 8/1, $385,000


East Greenwich

29 Forest Ln, Wong, Jason T and Wong, Jennifer Q to Guidi, Jessica L and Misemer, Benjamin, 7/31, $3,890,000

45 Ann Dr, Auvil, Miles D and Auvil, Lauren P to Dulski, Anne and Dulski, Robert P, 8/1, $915,000

70 Peirce St, Noble T and Noble, Katharine C to Cosgrove, Christopher J and Masart, Audrey C, 8/3, $1,385,000

90 Watch Hl, Washburn, David J and Washburn, Catherine A to Priolo, Phillip G and Priolo, Katherine C, 8/4, $110,000

1001 Main St Lot 15, Delgado, Floreena to Peacedale Partners LLC, 8/1, $380,000



9 Capitol St, Nath, Catherine S to Rivers, Michael S and Glover, Rosazema, 8/1, $395,000

16 White Dr, Kelley Winifre A Est and Kelley, Kevin J to Kelley, Ryan P, 8/7, $336,375

23 Belfield Dr, Pari, Richard and Pari, Brianna L to Ford, Bryant K, 8/4, $460,000

25 King St, Mancini, Mia C and Cochrane, Joseph to Sosa, Jacqueline R and Cruz, Carlos J, 8/4, $285,000

50 Highland Ave, Harrison Jr, Gary F and Harrison, Mary to Damiani, David J, 8/3, $375,000

147 Bishop Hill Rd, Sawyer, William T and Sawyer, Cameron E to Vessella, Jason A and Buterbaugh, Emily R, 8/7, $366,000


West Greenwich

209 Mishnock Rd, Hart, Lorraine and Hart, Steven W to Fraser, Terrence N, 7/31, $150,000


West Warwick

5 Fountain St, Cellini, Nicholas J to Longval, Nicole and Hanson, Jason, 8/2, $444,000

8 Mill St, Blais Jr, Michael G to Blais, Michael G, 8/8, $190,000

9 Enfield Dr, Dacunha, Maria Z and Deutsche Bk Natl TCo to Argent Securities Inc A 2 and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, 8/8, $322,457

25-27 Eddy St, Alex Prospects LLC to Suarez, Ana M, 8/8, $485,000

27 Nobile St, Sullivan, Alicia M to Keystone Investments LLC, 8/7, $320,000

29 Drawbridge Dr, Courtemanche, Steven F and Courtemanche, Sherry A to Hernandez, Jocelyn, 8/7, $385,000

48-50 Prospect Hill Ave, Burdick 3rd, Raymond K and Burdick, Lindsey to Mdvc Group LLC, 8/7, $455,000

55 Douglas St, Alves, Debra to Sjnf Realty LLC, 8/2, $329,900

115 Summit Ave, Mackenzie, Jesse and Stuchlik, Brittany L to Silva, Hugo and Silva, Jessica, 8/3, $314,900

126 Newell St, Del Farno, Evelyn E to Fernandez, Zachary and Luikens, Amanda, 8/4, $350,000

149 Phenix Ave, West End Development Corp to Jones, William M, 8/3, $1

195 Andrews Ave, Pacheco, Concepcion and Pacheco, Kaela to Dominici, Frini A, 8/7, $400,000

211 Washington St, Bisson, Richard R to Moss Home Solutions LLC, 8/3, $141,000


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