See it at the movies

Posted 1/10/24

“NIGHT SWIM” is the only new movie opening at Warwick Showcase. It’s about a swimming pool that devours teenagers.

We’ll skip that one.

As expected, …

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See it at the movies


“NIGHT SWIM” is the only new movie opening at Warwick Showcase. It’s about a swimming pool that devours teenagers.

We’ll skip that one.

As expected, “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie,” better known as “Barbieheimer,” were the big winners at the Golden Globes.



* * * *

Back in the late eighties Gracie, (Julianne Moore) a 36-year-old woman went to jail for having an affair with a 14-year-old boy, a schoolmate of her son.

She went to jail and had his son.

Hollywood decided to make a movie about the incident and subsequent life of Gracie, who married the young man.

Natalie Portman plays an actress who moves in with the family to get a feeling for Gracie before portraying her in the movie.

This fascinating movie is a must-see for those interested in psychology, as it gets inside the heads of all the characters, making you feel for them.

Great performances by all.

* * * ½
(The Rest of the Story)

The series picks up after Diana’s death as the Royal Family deals with it in their various ways.

It then picks up on the rivalry between Charles and William.

Episode 2 deals with the coronation, the strong showing of the new Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the effect his popularity has a the queen when Blair and focus groups suggest changes be made to the royal family.

The series moves forward to 1996 and William’s love life, Kate Middleton’s effect on the Crown, Margaret’ stroke, Elizabeth’s rebellion, and a bizarre look at the planning for the Queen’s funeral, with her part of the committee.

We’ll have to see what is in store for the Crown as further events unfurl.

* * *
(Based on Harlan Coben Mystery Novel)

Netflix loves to transfer British Writer Harlan Coben’s mysteries to the screen. This eight-episode murder mystery will hold your attention until everything is revealed in the final episode.

Michele Keegan stars as Maya, a military helicopter pilot loaded with guilt after being responsible for the death of civilians during a rescue mission.

“Death follows you” her sister’s widower tells her after her husband, sister, and others are murdered.

Maya sets out to solve their deaths, and the situation gets murkier and more complicated as she discovers one secret after another.

There are loads of red herrings to throw you off, including the family pharmaceutical business, a best friend who is always there to help, a meddling mother-in-law, an investigative reporter, and a detective with plenty of problems of his own. (Coben loves to write about cops and detectives with serious problems of their own.

It all comes together in episode 8, and I bet you won’t figure it out.


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