Huge wind turbines traveling through Warwick to Johnston

By John Howell
Posted 9/6/18

Twenty-one wind turbine blades, each 200 feet long, have arrived at the Port of Davisville from Germany and under the cover of darkness and when there is the least traffic will make their trip to Johnston over the next several days starting Monday. Each

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Huge wind turbines traveling through Warwick to Johnston


Twenty-one wind turbine blades, each 200 feet long, have arrived at the Port of Davisville from Germany and under the cover of darkness and when there is the least traffic will make their trip to Johnston over the next several days starting Monday.

Each of the blades will be carried on a single truck said Bill Fisher, spokesman for Green Development, LLC that is building the state’s largest on-shore wind farm in Rhode Island. The projected cost of the development over seven sites with each of the turbines producing 3 megawatts of electricity is $84 million. At their zenith, the blades will reach 512 feet above the ground.

Between on-shore wind and solar farms, Fisher believes Green Development will be the state’s largest producer of renewal energy. Fisher said Green held a job fair this week, which he said was successful, and that the company with a local staff of 50 is expected to grow to 150 over the next couple of years.

Fisher said the turbine tower components are expected to arrive in October and erection of the 21-megawatt (MW) wind farm beginning shortly thereafter.

“This is a major step for renewable energy development in Rhode Island,” Mark DePasquale, founder and chairman of Green Development, LLC said in a statement. “There is an enormous amount of planning to get to this stage, but the projects always seem more real when the components begin to arrive. This wind farm will truly benefit Rhode Island by helping to meet our renewable energy goals as well as the Town of Johnston.”

The blades will travel from Quonset up Route 4 to I-95 north and from there onto I-295 north to Johnston.  It will take about an hour and a half to transport each blade. Each transport will have a State Police escort along with additional support vehicles. 

The project is fully permitted by the Town of Johnston and Green Development has begun site preparations, including concrete foundations, on private land it is leasing for the installation. Green expects all seven Vensys direct-drive turbines, manufactured in Germany, to be fully constructed and operational by the end of the year. 

The Town of Johnston will realize significant economic benefits from the project.  First, Green will make a one-time payment to the town of $175,000 to develop a scholarship fund. Additionally, over the next 20 years, Green will make tax payments of $20,000 per year per turbine, for a total of $140,000 per year to the town. 

Green Development installed its first wind turbine in North Kingstown in 2012 and developed a ten-turbine wind farm (1.5 MW each) in Coventry in 2016. They also replaced the turbine at Portsmouth High School.


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  • Cat2222

    I would have liked to hear about the cost savings the other towns experienced from installing these turbines.

    Friday, September 7, 2018 Report this

  • Justanidiot

    In ten to fifteen years, when these turbines start falling apart due to lack of maintenance, lets see how many people love this green energy source. Towns and the like that are so gung ho to install them are going to let them rot just like they do their schools, roads, bridges.... any infrastructure. Don't believe me? Go for a drive with your eyes open.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 Report this

  • richardcorrente

    Wind turbines may or may not be an economic boon. That's not Warwicks' issue. That risk/reward belongs to the energy company. What Warwick faces is the fee income collected vs. any environmental, safety, or other cost factor caused by the impact of the turbine. So far this renewable energy source looks like a win-win. Johnston (or Warwick) receives fee income or "rent". The energy company gets electricity to resell at a profit.

    Cat2222 makes a valid point asking to compare the cost savings with other towns. We should ask, "How much are they receiving in rent?" vs. Warwick.

    As Mayor I will take a long hard look at this renewable energy source. As most readers know I strongly support paying less for energy. I switched my electricity source from National Grid to one of the certified-with-Rhode Island alternative energy sources and saved 22% on my bill at my office. The savings was about half as much at my home but still, saving is saving. Lt. Gov. Dan McKee has said he wants to double or triple the users of alternate electricity in the future and I support that idea strongly.

    The primary is Wednesday September 12.

    PLEASE VOTE for me, Richard Corrente, Democrat for Mayor.

    Thank you all.

    Rick Corrente

    The Taxpayers Mayor

    Monday, September 10, 2018 Report this

  • Scal1024

    One last free ad for the make believe mayor Rick Corrente, before he inevitably gets embarrassed for the 2nd straight time on election day. I can't imagine the nerve it takes a deadbeat like Corrente to smear a public servant like Joe Solomon. Especially when deep down Rick knows he's a tax delinquent. He knows his car was off the tax rolls for 3 years. He knows he had others paying his property taxes for him and he knows the black and white evidence proves him wrong. Yet, he lied about it for over 3 years now. Why? Why couldn't Rick tell the truth when first confronted with this? Instead he allowed it to grow as a campaign issue. One that voters are never going to forgive. It shouldn't be a surprise with such empty rhetoric that Rick would have to turn to smearing his opponent. A sure sign of desperation for a FAILING CAMPAIGN.

    Rick Corrente repeatedly praised Joe Solomon as "a class act", Corrente said Solomon being elected Council President was "well deserved". Rick also went on about how Joe Solomons city council was the "hardest working city council Warwick had ever had" and gave them the nickname "the taxpayers city council"...this was in 2017. Less than a year later Joe Solomon was named acting Mayor, and suddenly Rick Corrente began taking cheap shots at the acting Mayor. What happened to the "class act" Corrente raved about throughout the 2016 election? Its almost as if Rick Corrente would say, do or lie about anything to get elected.

    The type of delusion Rick Corrente has shown is erratic, bordering on unstable. For Rick to be confronted with black and white facts, proof of his tax delinquency, complete with links and sources and yet still deny it? That type of arrogant lying is pathetic and pathological. Rick truly believes if he could just get everyone in the city to vote he would become Warwicks next mayor. What a child. Think about that arrogance for a second, will you? A candidate thats been running for 4 years with the same, recycled slogan and canned talking points with less than $50 in the campaign bank account, ZERO GRASSROOTS SUPPORT and no base whatsoever. That guy believes if we forced everyone to vote he would win. What an absolutley pathetic statement from an absolutley pathetic campaign, run by an absolutley pathetic candidate.

    Oh and just so you know Rick, I do not work for any campaign. I've donated to both parties at different times in my life. I wasn't Avedisians biggest fan but he is 1,000 times the candidate you are. I will support Joe Solomon in the Democratic Primary because Warwick needs someone who has a command of the budget, city departments, pensions, laws as well as someone who can work with the City Council. Warwick needs a Mayor with character and integrity, like Joe Solomon. Not a lying, ill informed, tax delinquent like Rick Corrente. All of the lying, all of the excuses will mean nothing on election day. Voters get to decide who they want to represent them:

    A career public servant with almost 20 years experience on the City Council like Joe Solomon...

    Or a dishonest, tax delinquent like Rick Corrente.

    P.S Rick: There will be no spinning anothet loss...

    Monday, September 10, 2018 Report this

  • CrickeeRaven

    Scal, you do such a great job ripping apart the make-believe mayor that I simply can't top it -- except to offer a new term for him.

    I'm sure you've heard of "cosplay," where people dress up as their favorite characters, usually to attend comic conventions and other events.

    What we have here is the "cosplay candidate." He pretends to be running a legitimate campaign, but it's only an act -- and no one is falling for it.

    I look forward to joining you and thousands of honest, taxpaying voters in rejecting the cosplay candidate again on Wednesday.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 Report this

  • Scal1024

    Perfectly stated Crickee. The "cosplay candidate" fits the make believe mayor perfectly. Thank you for your excellent fact checking all campaign long. The work you do is very important and extremely beneficial to readers.

    Monday, September 10, 2018 Report this

  • Justanidiot

    A bad cosplayer. Put on a tie and at least tuck your shirt in and don't stand like a slob. Look like a mayor. Appearance does make a difference. Prospective home owners driving through Warwick take one look at your sign with your picture and say, yeeech, I wouldn't want to live there.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • CrickeeRaven

    Thank you, Scal, for your kind words. I also appreciate your efforts to remind readers of the many defects in the cosplay candidate's claims and empty slogans.

    And totally agreed, Justanidiot. That's not the image that a serious or legitimate candidate should be putting out in public.

    Whatever else one might say about candidates, they should represent their community to some degree. The cosplay candidate didn't pay his taxes, lied about changes in the city's population and school enrollment, paid office rent to someone who previously paid the taxes on his former residence, and turned against the people who contributed to his campaign in 2016 by calling them "political insiders" in 2018 when they didn't support his dishonest candidacy.

    I don't know about you, but I can't count any people like that among the many friends and neighbors I have in Warwick.

    So, the cosplay candidate simply doesn't represent the majority of Warwick. That's already been proven in the 2016 election, and it will be again tomorrow.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • richardcorrente

    Dear Scal1024,

    One last time. (I hope). I was never a tax delinquent. No one EVER paid my taxes for me. (I wish they would). My car was NEVER off ANY tax records. I have proven that multiple times and Scal, you know it. I sued my lender in Federal Court for breaking R.I. law AND WON! Got that Scal? As I have said many times before, I WON! My lender was court ordered to pay my taxes AND THEY DID! Plus!... They paid them late so Warwick got even MORE tax revenue. You're welcome, you anonymous coward of a critic.

    As far as Joe Solomon, you say he has "character and integrity"? WOW! Then how do you explain...

    1. How his real estate went DOWN in tax assessed value while everyone else's went UP. (his car dealership at 1129 is tax assessed at $168,900. That is LESS than he paid for it 29 YEARS AGO SCAL!! There isn't one other taxpayer in Warwick that has THAT kind of preferential treatment! Plus! He's selling it without a realtor for over a half a million dollars!

    2. How he LIED FOR YEARS claiming he lived at 180 Shawomet (so he could represent ward 4) when the TRUTH is he lived at 21 Crawford (in Ward 5!) and STILL DOES.

    3. What about 21 Crawford? His Bayfront, Warwick Neck home? Joe's tax assessments went up a paltry $4,400 in the last two years while all the other 5 houses on his street went up $38,000, $46,200, $21,700, $23,400, and $61,100! Did he rip off the second floor Scal, or is he ripping off the taxpayers? You decide. So will the readers.

    4. What about that 180 Shawomet house? It went DOWN in tax assessed value in the last two years by a whopping $25,700 and it's ON NARRAGANSETT BAY! Find me an appraiser that agrees with THAT lie Scal. I can't and I have analyzed real estate appraisals for over forty years! He also owns 54 Hess in Warwick Neck that "somehow" went DOWN in assessed value over the last two years by a whopping $39,700. There are many others but I think my point is proven.

    5. Joe had the arrogance to advertise in a mailing that he will "provide first rate service while keeping taxes down". And he printed that right AFTER he raised taxes to the MAXIMUM AMOUNT ALLOWED BY LAW! He even SOUNDS like the used car dealer that he is, doesn't he Scal. Joe promises that he will be "Keeping taxes down while he raises them to the max allowed by law!"

    6. Joe knows that I have a list of over a thousand people that owe over a thousand dollars EACH on their water bills. Look at his contributors from the Board of Elections. There are way too many names on both lists to be a coincidence.

    The Corrente Plan will END this political kick-back corruption, (without adding one political kick-back job,) that has put our City OVER A BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!

    As Mayor, I will have the new appraisals (from Vision Technologies) sent to the Warwick Beacon, then forwarded to the City. If the Mayor attempts to alter the numbers, (as I'm sure Joe has in the past), The Beacon will catch him and report it. As for the 1,000+ delinquent water bills: Those people HAVE to vote for Joe. They know that I will send them a final demand notice. Warwick is owed over $4,000,000 from these 1,000 people. That is over 10% of TTR, Total Tax Revenue. Receiving it will "Cut Taxes" on the rest of us. My critics have said that they don't know "how" I'm going to "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending". I just outlined two of the ways. Many more can be found at "". Or you can call me at 338-9900. Unlike Joe I take and return ALL calls! I am NOT a political insider. I have always refused Political Action Committee checks. They come with TOO MANY STRINGS attached. I have now campaigned for almost 1,000 days in row. I have spent over $40,000 of my OWN money. I rallied the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab and I got 29 taxes cut from last years budget as a result.

    Acting Mayor Solomon voted for EVERY TAX INCREASE THIS CENTURY!!! And he just slapped the taxpayers with the largest tax increase allowed by law!

    So readers, if you want your taxes to go UP, vote for Joe. If you want to "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" vote for me, Richard Corrente. The Taxpayers Mayor. The Taxpayers Democrat. Joe has "bought" a lot of votes. I have earned yours, I sincerely hope. Remember, when you are inside that voting booth. Joe can't see who you are voting for. Neither can Scal1024, his henchman.

    Thank you readers for the effort you have invested in me. Thank you Scal, for giving me one more opportunity to write "one more free ad". Thank you Warwick Beacon for sponsoring the debate that Solomon promised he would attend and then broke that promise to became a no-show. Thank you to the thousands of voters/taxpayers that have shown me their support with smiles, handshakes, lawn signs, e-mails, texts, friendly waves and kind words. I am ready to serve you, the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab, as your Taxpayers Mayor.

    Happy primary tomorrow the 12th everyone.

    Rick Corrente

    Proudly, The Taxpayers Mayor

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • CrickeeRaven

    Here, Scal, I got this.

    The following provides all the information that honest, taxpaying voters need to justify rejecting the cosplay candidate tomorrow:

    - He began his 2016 campaign by issuing claims about his property evaluations:,115119

    These claims were investigated by a local news website and found to be untrue:

    - Also during the 2016 campaign, he issued false claims that Warwick “lost 4,666 businesses” over 10 years:,113096

    Once again, his claims were reviewed and found to be false:

    These two claims were central to his 2016 campaign — and they were both lies. And yet he continued to repeat them until his eventual 65-to-35% loss.

    - A Nov. 3, 2016 article in the Beacon reported that he had, in fact, lost his former residence to tax sale, meaning he was a TAX DELINQUENT.

    To quote: “Corrente continues to live in a house that was sold in a tax sale for taxes due the city.”,119296?

    In spite of his own admission, the make-believe mayor continued to not only claim the opposite, but also claim his mortgage lender was to blame and that he had “won” a court case — yet he moved from that residence in 2018, indicating that he did not “win.”

    City records, accessible at the following website, show that three different parties have paid the property taxes on his former residence since 2015. Enter “177 Grand View” to see this information:

    For the 2018 campaign, he has again been twisting facts and making claims that are later proven to be untrue:

    - He has frequently claimed that the Warwick school population has fallen by half, from 17,000 to 8,500, “in the last 10 years” — but the actual figures show nothing of the kind. As shown on the following website, Warwick’s school population in 2007-8 was 11,139 and in 2017-18 was 8,953 — a drop of 2,186, not half:

    - He paid for a political advertisement that claimed his losing 2016 campaign led the Warwick City Council to cut taxes and spending for the FY18 budget, and that former Mayor Avedisian submitted “29 tax-increasing amendments” to the budget among other claims — that were all found to be untrue:

    - He failed to report that advertisement in his campaign finance report for the 4th quarter of 2017, and has refused to answer why he is paying office rent to the same individual who previously paid the property taxes on his residence:

    - On his new campaign website, he at first claimed that he was an “Endorsed Democrat for Mayor” — before the local Democratic Party had endorsed any candidates in the 2018 campaign. He lost his bid for the endorsement, forcing him to remove that false claim from his website.

    This is the person calling himself “the taxpayers [sic] mayor” — someone who has admitted that he lost his home due to tax delinquency, repeatedly made false claims about the school population and business community in Warwick, refused to answer questions about his ethically questionable campaign finance activities, and claimed an endorsement that he did not have.

    Honest, taxpaying voters will reject the cosplay candidate again tomorrow, no matter how often he "proudly" repeats his lies or uses the Beacon for free political advertising.

    Happy one day until we defeat his futile candidacy a second time, Scal.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • Justanidiot

    donts listen to the fake cosine player mayer. if you wnats to vote for hims, go today to your voting place. tomorrow is too late. go today and vote for master mayer. tuesdays are election days. wednesday is too late. go today and if you can't get in to vote it is because of the ruskies takeing over our guvmint

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • Cat2222

    At least those that cosplay take the time to research and use the utmost care in designing their costumes to be identical to the character they are playing. Down to the very last button.

    RC isn't capable of that much dedication as has been proven over the last few years time and time again. His campaign posters are unprofessional. (From a young woman's perspective he gives off a creepy vibe both in photographs and typed comments.) His statements aren't true and easily proven wrong by a simple search. He believes that he has made a difference in the city but no one in the administration has given any credence to his claims. He continues to use incorrect facts and numbers EVERY SINGLE TIME HE COMMENTS. He lives in a fantasy world where he believes he has what it takes to become Mayor.

    He has accused me of not doing my own thinking and bandwagonning on to other commenters opinions. He had the audacity to tell me I wasn't doing my own homework and yet, like a lazy student, he continues to use the wrong facts and figures. We know who isn't doing their homework. We know who can't do simple research. And tomorrow RC will know that he has wasted years on the fantasy that he will one day become Mayor.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • CrickeeRaven

    Cat, I welcome your perspective and input. As you rightly point out, the cosplay candidate has utterly failed to present himself as anything other than a liar, tax delinquent, and condescending individual.

    Over the last week, he has issued a list of false claims against Joe Solomon without offering the barest shred of proof, in a desperate attempt to trick voters one last time before the primary.

    That's not someone who "deserves" anyone's vote.

    He deserved his loss in 2016, and he deserves the loss he is about to suffer tomorrow.

    Just over 30 hours remain until we and thousands of our honest, taxpaying neighbors reject his candidacy again.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • Thecaptain

    Quotes from the Beacon article.

    Mayor's race hotter than usual

    Posted Thursday, November 3, 2016 11:10 am

    By John Howell

    "Corrente continues to live in a house that was sold in a tax sale for taxes due the city. As a mortgage broker, Corrente knows the law and he said his lender, Wells Fargo, broke the law on 14 occasions. He said he sued, won the case, and that Wells Fargo “agreed to clear the title and they didn’t.” He said the matter continues to be litigated and the city will get the taxes."

    "According to the Tax Assessors and Collectors, Corrente’s house sold in an August 2013 tax sale for $10,145.98 in back taxes. Foreclosure was processed in July 2014 and the property is currently owned by Red Stick Acquisitions, according to city records."

    Corrente continues to say that he sued his lender" AND WON". His lender was Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo did noot pay his delinquent taxes. They were paid by RedStick Acquisitions. Just another lie that is easily proved in 2 minutes by official documents.


    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • CrickeeRaven

    It continues to astound me, Thecaptain, how the cosplay candidate still tries to argue the opposite of what public, verifiable information says about him.

    He has tried to ignore it.

    He has tried to deny it.

    He has tried to cast doubt on the people presenting it.

    He has tried to repeat his false statements.

    In all of these cases, he has failed.

    Honest, taxpaying voters know the truth about him, and thousands of them will reject his candidacy again tomorrow.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • Scal1024

    Readers, if you'd like to vote for a habitual liar, vote for Rick Corrente. If you'd like to vote for a tax delinquent that doesn't even have the decency to tell the truth about their history of tax delinquency, vote for Rick Corrente. If Rick Corrente had any substance AT ALL to run on he wouldn't be launching desperate attacks on Joe Solomon less than 24 hours until the election. Has anyone else noticed that Joe Solomon doesn't even waste his time on a deadbeat like Rick Corrente? I think the Joe understands that even acknowledging Corrente as a candidate, does a huge disservice to the office of mayor. After all nobody wants to be lectured on personal finances by a "mortgage guy" (Corrente) that lost his home to tax sale. The irony is rich...

    They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Since 2015 Rick Corrente has literally done the same thing. He made himself an account on this website, began commenting frequently and convinced himself that was "campaigning". He's used the same talking points, the same slogan, the same illegal signs and the same empty ideas and yet he expects a different result. When this election is over I'm sure he'll be using the same recycled excuses from 2016. Pathetic. This is the definition of insanity. At some point, an honest candidate would look in the mirror after 2 overwhelming losses at the ballot box and say: "What is it I can improve on?" "What went wrong?" "How do I make myself a better candidate?" Rick Corrente has never done that. Instead he blames PAC checks" and "political insiders". Again, more empty words with zero substance behind them. Should I be surprised? After all, empty words, unpaid bills and delinquent taxes are the legacy of the Corrente campaign. I look forward to joining thousands of voters tomorrow in ONCE AGAIN rejecting the Corrente candidacy.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Report this

  • Iceman32_89

    So lets see here:

    Shouldn't vote for Corrente because he is a liar and tax cheat.

    Shouldn't vote for Solomon cuz he is a liar and partly responsible for creating the mess the city is in now and wants a promotion and raise to "fix" it

    Which leaves just Carbone who seems to be a decent guy but would probably be in over his head.

    Since I have been able to vote I have always voted but this primary is going to result in two people who shouldn't even be considered for Mayor in Stenhouse and Solomon. Which begs the question, what is an honest tax paying voter of Warwick supposed to do?

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Report this