T.F. Green ramps up cleaning efforts


Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, T.F. Green Airport has both continued previous and created new efforts to keep the “high touch” areas clean for travelers.

The airport’s cleaning service, ISS, is using a misting apparatus that sprays industrial-strength hypochlorous acid out of an oscillating dispenser that blows the solution into the air. The device plugs into an outlet but can be pushed around the airport on its four wheels.

A release from John Goodman, Director of Media and Public Relations for Rhode Island Airport Corporation, said the cleaning solution is EPA-approved and CDC-endorsed. Goodman said the spraying unit can cover a 30x30 room and that this method has been in use since the fall – right around the start of flu season. 

ISS also uses a backpack sprayer to cover the seats in the airport with their liquid cleaning solution before wiping them down with a cloth. The group also uses an apparatus that fits on the escalator handrails and cleans the belt as it rotates on its track. Goodman said these cleaning practices are ongoing throughout the airport and happen on a daily basis.

Kevin Andrade, site manager for ISS, said there are 38 ISS employees within the airport plus two managers. ISS is a global cleaning service company in over 70 countries.

One change the airport has made in response to the virus has been the installation of 30 hand-sanitizing stations. Those kiosks are scattered around the airport and dispense sanitizer when a hand presses the handle back.

Goodman said that the airport, which earned the second spot on USA Today’s Best Small Airports in 2019, is trying to maintain their clean reputation by consistently keeping the interior cleaned and sanitized.


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Friday, March 20