What's playing at Showcase Theater this week

Posted 3/20/24

Warwick Showcase

ARTHUR THE KING * * * (Family Adventure Film)

Not since Lassie has a dog been so lovable and heroic.

Arthur is a Santo Domingo mangy street dog who latches on to …

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What's playing at Showcase Theater this week


Warwick Showcase

* * *
(Family Adventure Film)

Not since Lassie has a dog been so lovable and heroic.

Arthur is a Santo Domingo mangy street dog who latches on to Michael Light (Mark Wahlberg), leader of the American 4-person
Adventure Team as they begin their 435 mile, five-plus day competition.

“And I don’t even like dogs,” Michael says as he gives the disheveled dog a meatball.

The movie begins with Michael losing a race in the past and sulking over it for years before deciding to give it one last try.

Michael recruits his team and raises money, mostly through a sponsor, and off they go with little chance to train or bond.

The race, which includes trudging through the jungle, kayaking, cycling, and lots of running and climbing, is exciting to watch, as the dog both leads and follows the team.

Michael, who feels that his very existence has been defined by losing a big race, is determined to win the race, but when the dog saves his life and then, at a crucial moment, needs his help, what is most important in life becomes clear.

Bring a handkerchief for the ending and stick around for photos of the real-life dog and Michael Light.

Based on a true story and book, a few liberties have been taken.

* * * *
(Based on moving true story)

Anthony Hopkins plays the retired Englishman, Nicholas Winton, referred to as the British Schindler, who led the movement to save 669 Jewish Czech children from the Nazi invasion of their homeland.

The movie switches back and forth from Winton, played by Johnny Flynn, organizing volunteers to raise money, win the children’s parents over, bribe officials and send the children to safety on nine trainloads, where they were matched with foster parents, to his desire to have the story told in the eighties.

A popular British TV show finally picked up the story which was beautifully told in a poignant conclusion that will bring happy tears to your eyes.

* * *
(Violent film noir murder mystery)

This violent, R rated film noir murder mystery stars Kristen Stewart as a gym owner who is involved in a lesbian relationship with an obsessive, slightly deranged, steroid user body builder.

The body builder kills in revenge and her lover helps her dispose of the body.

A mob leader, weirdly played by Ed Harris becomes involved and more murder and mayhem takes place.

The bloody film unfolds slowly as relationships are revealed, retribution continues, and the body builder and the movie become out of control.

Not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

* * *
(Martial Arts Panda)

Jack Black is back as the voice of the Dragon Warrior in the fourth go-around for the franchise.

While adults may be bored to death, the kids watching the Saturday matinee seemed to be enthralled with the characters—many new—in this colorful, well-drawn feature animated film.

The Kung Fu Panda is searching for his replacement, aided by Zhen the sly fox. He is challenged by the evil Chameleon, but somehow manages to survive all the obstacles put in front of him.

Send the kids.


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