Reliable, competitively priced energy is essential for economic growth. Unfortunately, New England had the highest natural gas prices in the country in 2013, the result of several related regional energy challenges that need to be addressed if we want to get serious about supporting a competitive business climate in this …

Education is a cornerstone of our society, viewed as critical in the creation of informed … More
The first Asian-American governor, or the first woman governor – either way, Rhode … More
Campaign season has been under way for months. But in truth, it is just now getting … More
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Editorial Cartoon
Return to First Principles
Steve Frias
Cranston Chatter
Meri R. Kennedy
Write of Way
Meg Fraser
Bea Lanzi
The Rhode Island Constitution requires that all public officials and employees, state and … More
When the aircraft carrier Saratoga was towed out of Newport to be scrapped, a fair number … More
With less than two weeks before the September 9th Democratic primary, gubernatorial … More
ntroduction Much has happened to and for Mork, Mearth and Mindy over the last 30 plus … More
It was Governor’s Bay Day this past weekend, where the bonus was free parking and free … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

The campaign strategy of demonizing former Providence Mayor Vincent A. Cianci by Democrat Jorge Elorza will backfire.

In the first forum of the final contenders for mayor, Jorge Elorza immediately attacked Buddy Cianci and held on to the assault as if he where holding on to the beam of an open …

To the Editor: By now it is abundantly clear to the readers of the Providence Journal … More
To the Editor: Last Sunday, hundreds of thousands marched throughout the world … More
When the aircraft carrier Saratoga was towed out of Newport to be scrapped, a fair number … More
To the Editor: In this rather vexing campaign season, the most provocative race is … More
To the Editor: The city of Providence is considering building a 2.5-mile streetcar … More
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