FERRI PRODUCES A GOOD PLAN: State Representative Frank Ferri, the Warwick Democrat who is running for lieutenant governor but has flown mostly under the radar since announcing his intention to run, has published his proposal for enforcing ethics among lawmakers and lobbyists in our little state. It would prohibit …

Roads and infrastructure in the Ocean State are frequent topics of conversation, although … More
DOES STACIA HAVE A SHOT IN WARWICK?  For years no one in either the Republican or … More
Aram Garabedian, co-managing partner of the Warwick Mall, makes running the state’s … More
With amazing alacrity, what was once the overgrown shambles of Rocky Point is being … More
Rhode Island last week learned of a seismic shift in local media. The Providence … More
Editorial Cartoon
Return to First Principles
Steve Frias
Cranston Chatter
Meri R. Kennedy
Write of Way
Meg Fraser
Bea Lanzi
It was Governor’s Bay Day this past weekend, where the bonus was free parking and free … More
The first 25 first-generation immigrant participants to graduate from … More
Somebody once said that there’s only a handful of basic stories in the world, and that … More
If you’ve filled your tank in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the recent … More
On the heels of recent news that 90 people in Rhode Island have died from drug overdoses … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Yes, in our world today there are both interesting and devastating happenings.

If one listens and watches for only a short period of time, your minds are tuned to tune out.

And yet, one has to wonder what the United States’ position in the world is and do we currently have any influence for …

To the Editor: The lack of bulk trash pickup is already causing excess garbage … More
To the Editor: I’m more than a little annoyed at this constant refrain from … More
While there was widespread coverage of certain legislative initiatives this year, such as … More
Dear Mr. Lanni: As you know, a lot of attention has been appropriately focused in … More
Somebody once said that there’s only a handful of basic stories in the world, and that … More
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