Car accident victim seeks contact with Good Samaritan


Everett Aubin is on a mission.

He was involved in a car accident on Sept. 18 when his car was hit by a BMW at the intersection of Wellington Avenue and Laurens Street a bit after 5:00 pm. He was heading to the park, with his dog, a 20-pound black and white rat terrier, Pepe le Pew, who made it through okay.

Aubin is looking for the woman who came forward and spoke to the police about what she saw.

"She saw the accident, came back to tell me so and agreed to be a witness,” Aubin said. “She was headed home with her young son in the car, saw the accident, stopped, called her husband to let him know she was delayed and stayed long enough to speak to the police. She saw the woman go through the stop sign. Her decision to come back touched my heart. In one of the most difficult moments people can endure, having someone say, 'I saw it, it was not your fault,' is so powerful, a relief. I don’t know if she will ever realize how grateful I am for her support."

He did, in fact, ask her what her name was.

"I actually am so annoyed with myself for not remembering. I was so appreciative of what she did I gave her my [RI Vet Corps] card and assumed I would find her contact info on the police report, but it was not there,” he said. “It is my deepest hope I may thank her and her family for such an act of kindness. It’s not the kind of thing we can necessarily expect in today’s world.”

If anyone knows who this is, or if this Good Samaritan is you, contact Aubin or please let him know to reach him at or His office number is 401-921-8486. Ask for him. All his information, including his personal cell phone is on the card her gave her.


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