'Civic duty' to put differences aside


To the Editor:

Make no mistake about it America, on January 20, with a new president being sworn in, “We the People” have a unique and sacred role to bring our nation back to the power and influence it once held on the world stage.

On the beginning of this new year, 2017, you can expect great changes for the better in your world’s affairs, but only with 2 important elements. With your powerful prayers and your “all in” assistance can these great changes be accomplished.

Now is the time to defeat the evil which is threatening our country, and as a “united country” we have an opportunity now to defeat the purveyors of darkness who have planned a feudal and draconian system for all peoples.

For the people of the United States of America now have a “historic opportunity,” for the first time in over 100 years, to finally once and for all defeat the draconian system that has attempted to enslave all of us through our government, our economy, and our banking system, which has been covertly and sinisterly co-opted by the evil one and his many minions.

Now for the first time in our lifetime, we have chosen leaders in our executive and legislative branches who have the motivation to usurp the power from the dark-side and return our nation back to a republic that stands within the Light of one nation, under God!

Alas, the opportunity is now upon us to achieve great prosperity and freedom, but only if you pray powerfully and put your differences aside and unite to assist your chosen leaders who can restore our nation to its former greatness.

We must be totally aware that our nation is in great danger now, not as much from outside sources, as from our very own people, who through their own anger and hatred, their disillusionment with the results of our elections.

Therefore, it’s our “civic duty” (if our nation is to survive) to put our differences aside, to powerfully pray, unite, and support our new leaders in whom we believe is necessary for their protection as well as their ability to lead.

Again, prayer and support of the new direction of our country is essential, for now we are moving in the direction of a new and great transformation through our new leadership.

“We the People,” it’s up to us to be powerful prayer warriors, to support our new leaders who we discern are doing God’s work and to pray powerfully for their direction and guidance, for our future generations of children and grandchildren depend on it! GOD help us!

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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Wait, isn't this the same Richard Walsh who spent the last 8 years writing letters to the Beacon complaining about President Obama and how his vision for America was wrong. Now that a new President is in office, one who's "vision" for America he apparently agrees with, he asks that we "put our differences aside, to powerfully pray, unite, and support our new leaders".

Sorry Richard, but many of us strongly disagree with your request and strongly disagree with the direction this administration is taking us. We will do everything we can to stop him from reaching his goals, "for our future generations of children and grandchildren depend on it."

Saturday, February 18

Fraser, I think it's fair to say that this President's goals, which you seek to "...stop him from reaching" include the following: Attaining a more prosperous middle class; reducing or eliminating corporate, individual, estate, and capital gains tax rates; securing our borders, especially from those who wish to do us harm; reducing stifling federal regulations; giving parents (instead of government) a greater choice in where their children are educated. There are many more, but it's a good start. Which of those goals do you seek to "...stop him from reaching", and how is that good for the American people?

Saturday, February 18