Fondest memories missing


To the Editor:

The Rocky Point license plate designs desperately need a do-over.

Congratulations to the kids involved, but this bland design has very little to do with the Park of Fondest Memories. The designs reflect the problem that the arch is the only feature left for youth of today to go to observe.

But I am sure if you asked 100 people that paid for fun at the park, way less than 10 would say their lasting memory is the arch. What about: Carousel, Flume, Shore Dinner Hall, Clam Shack and Ring Toss/Shooting Gallery (add favorite iconic memory here).

Millennials are not going to buy these plates no matter what's on them, and neither am I, a geezer.

So this is a business decision: Please let the same kids look at some photos and videos and try again.

George Welly



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The Berg

While I've noticed that social media posts are mostly positive when it comes to the plate's design, there have been some comments and letters like these that are negative. Keep in mind that this is a "Rocky Point Foundation" plate, not a Rocky Point Amusement Park plate. The foundation helped obtain the park for public use, and was instrumental in restoring the World's Fair Arch. That's why the structure is featured prominently in the design. No one is obligated to purchase the plate, but if they do funds will be donated to the foundation, and used to sponsor events like the grand reopening, Movies in the Park, conservation efforts, and more.

Thursday, May 4, 2017