Order on Muslims blatantly false


To the Editor:

President Trump is justifying a pause on immigration to seven Muslim countries because of his fear of terrorism. However, an essential fact, seldom reported, is that the State Department also has terrorism warnings for four nearby countries – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and U.A.E. – where Trump has business interests.

Thus, Trump's legal justification for blocking U.S. entry to Muslims in these seven selected countries is blatantly false. His Executive Order abolishes principles observed since America's founding.

As a Christian minister, I am appalled and disheartened at this gross violation of the religious liberty of Muslim refugee families already enduring many hardships.

Rev. Harry Rix



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I'm sorry you did not read the Presidents executive order because if you did you would have known it did not specify Muslim, it did specify countries. So the President's order also included Christians coming from those countries, so the order was for all people coming from those countries and was not based on religion .

Saturday, February 4