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* * * *( Joyce)

* * * 1/2 (Don)

(Sensuous, psychological drama)

Daniel Day Lewis stars as Reynolds Woodcock, a moody, controlling, 1950s London dress designer who lives and works alongside his sister (Lesley Manville). Reynolds is a confirmed bachelor who has devoted himself completely to his work until he meets Alma, a waitress (Vicky Krieps) with the perfect dimensions and temperament to join him in his home and work.

"It is a challenge to be with him," she proclaims, as Reynolds goes about his daily routines, demanding silence at breakfast and no distractions while he is working (which is most of the time).

Reynolds establishes himself as the dominant male in the relationship, but Alma slowly gains a foothold and eventually turns the tables, both physically and psychologically. The love/hate relationship occurs slowly over time, a bit too slowly for me (not Joyce). The relationship becomes quite intense, filled with enough psychological interplay to keep a psychiatrist busy for life and leading to a fascinating conclusion to the couple's future.

"Phantom Thread" is not a movie for those looking for action, but it is a classic story of human nature filled with great performances by Krieps and Day-Lewis.

Rated R for profanity.


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