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Officer Tremayne Paccasassi reports responding to 70 Hillside Road in front of the J-Jill store at approximately 5:22 p.m. on April 18 for a report of a motor vehicle accident, with Garden City security already on scene.

Upon arrival, the officer reports meeting with security, who advised two motorists were arguing over fault in an accident. After receiving information and paperwork from one of the operators, the officer reports smelling the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath.

Paccasassi reports the woman’s speech was slightly slurred as she described the accident, which she said occurred as she was backing her vehicle out of a parking spot when the other vehicle pulled out into her path. Both operators provided written statements for the accident report.

Paccasassi reports then asking the woman how much she had to drink and from where she was coming, with the woman replying that she had not consumed alcohol and came from her home in Jamestown to shop. The woman said she planned to return to her residence, and also advised she is prescribed anti-depressant medication and had taken some earlier in the day.

Paccasassi then reports asking the woman to submit to a Standardized Field Sobriety Test, and she agreed. She also at that point reportedly acknowledged drinking one beer with lunch that day, at approximately 12:30 p.m., but did not indicate where she had done so.

Paccasassi reportedly administered several sobriety tests, observing signs of intoxication during the vision, walk and turn and one-leg stand tests.

At that point, Paccasassi reports Officer Ryan Shore arrived on the scene, and the woman was advised she was being taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence.

“I told her to place her hands behind her back, but she was reluctant to,” Paccasassi wrote. “Officer Shore and I had to grab both of her arms and bring them behind her, at which time she struggled and resisted against us. After she was secured in hand cuffs, she refused to get into the back seat of my cruiser. I had to gain compliance by guiding her shoulders into the cruiser.”

The woman was then transported to Cranston police headquarters, where Paccasassi reports she was indecisive about whether to make a confidential phone call and whether to submit to a breathalyzer test. After asking how long it takes for beer and pizza to get out of a person’s system, the officer reports she agreed to take the breathalyzer test and signed for it. At that point, Paccasassi reports, the woman acknowledged having two “tall” beers at lunch that day.

Karen H. Imbriale, 59, of 109 Howland Ave., Jamestown, was issued summonses to appear in Third District Court on charges of driving under the influence of liquor or drugs-first offense and resisting legal or illegal arrests. She was later released to a friend.


Officer Alex Travers reports responding to the Wal-Mart location at 1776 Plainfield Pike at approximately 11:08 a.m. on April 20 for a report of a shoplifter in the custody of loss prevention personnel.

Travers reports speaking with both the loss prevention officer and the suspect in the loss prevention office. The store’s officer stated that he had observed the suspect place a 39-inch LED HDTV into a shopping cart, with an assortment of clothing in the cart’s bottom rack. The store’s officer then followed the suspect and observed the man walk past all points of purchase without paying for any of the merchandise, at which point he stopped the man outside the grocery entrance/exit and escorted him to the office.

The store’s officer indicated he wished to press charges, and that he would provide surveillance footage to Cranston Police when it was ready. The store’s officer provided Travers with a receipt for the recovered merchandise, with a total value of $337.65. The merchandise included $298 for the television; three V-neck T-shirts with a value of $10.74; Wrangler jeans with a value of $19.97; and two men’s knit shirts with a value of $4.47.

Travers reports searching the suspect for weapons, and found he was unarmed. The man did not have identification, and reportedly told Travers he had recently been released by the Providence Police Department on a disorderly conduct charge. At that point, the man was placed under arrest and transported to Cranston headquarters.

The man reportedly told police he had met with a woman in Providence who had driven him to the Wal-Mart, and said the woman asked that he steal a television in exchange for $150 and crack cocaine. The man could not identify the woman.

Corde W. Babbitt, 30, of 58 Burgess Ave., East Providence, is charged with shoplifting. Bail was later set at $5,000 with surety during his arraignment in Third District Court.


Lt. Alan Loiselle reports responding to the Walgreens on 1763 Broad St. for suspicious behavior at approximately 8:43 p.m. on April 16.

Upon arrival, Loiselle reports that he met with store security who informed him that a black male who was denied entry into the store was searching cars in the Walgreens parking lot. The suspect had been denied entry due to his previous attempts to shoplift and became visibly irate when he was not let in.

A search for the suspect came up empty, however Cranston Police were able to secure a picture of the man’s license from the Walgreens. A picture of the license was on file at the Walgreens because of the suspect’s previous attempts to shoplift, including using receipts from the trash to attempt to return store items for cash.

Police were able to identify the suspect as Brendan Fox, 25, of Ocean Street, Providence.

Two days later at approximately 6:06 p.m., while patrolling on Broad Street at Betsy Williams Drive, Loiselle reports seeing a black male walking south toward Walgreens who looked very similar to the picture on the license. The lieutenant then stopped to conduct an interview and the man identified himself as Brendan Fox. He was then placed in the rear of the lieutenant’s police cruiser.

Running a check on Fox returned with a Sixth District Court bench warrant on a suspended license charge. Officer Jared Hardy arrived on the scene and took Fox into custody. A search incident to arrest revealed dozens of receipts.

Loiselle also reports searching his cruiser after Fox was removed and finding a white bag under the driver’s seat, which contained needles and other items associated with heroin use.

Fox was transported to headquarters to be processed, and then taken to the ACI.


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After dealing with the bad guys and doing their best to keep us safe, I noticed while walking the dog, that the Cranston Police were assisting Cranston West students with a project out side at the school the other day. It's nice to see Law Enforcement engage on a friendly level with kids, it's also important for the community at large.

Sunday, May 4, 2014