Pre-k to benefit us all


To the Editor:

As a mother who has experienced the benefit of childcare for the past nine years, I’ve seen how quality care can give children a strong start to life. I wish that every child had access to early childhood education. That’s why I’m urging the Rhode Island state legislature to help more children thrive by supporting Governor Raimondo’s proposed universal pre-k plan.

Early childhood education for all children is the key to closing the opportunity gap in our state. A recent report shows that in Rhode Island there are more than three children waiting for each available childcare slot. I fully support the governor’s universal pre-k plan because it would give equal opportunity for success to every child regardless of their parents’ income.

I’ve seen the impact early learning can have on kids, and I know the investment is worth it. If more families in Rhode Island can access high-quality childcare, we will all witness the benefits for years to come. 

Aniece Germain


The author is the co-founder and assistant executive director of Hope and Change for Haiti.


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John Stark

Sorry to be the skunk at the garden party, but if you want to spend more taxpayer money on programs that make you feel 'compassionate', fine. But much like Head Start, evidence is inconclusive, at best, that preschool programs yield any long-term, measurable benefits. In fact, most analyses that control for factors such as poverty, parental status, parent income and education level, etc. conclude that any modest academic gains evaporate by 2nd or 3rd grade. In marked contrast to Ms. Germain's assertion of "benefits for years to come", it is highly unlikely that ANY measurable benefits will be realized. Of course, nobody's supposed to say so.

Tuesday, May 7
Patient Man

When are we going to get back to parents taking responsibility for their lifestyle choices? Society shouldn't be responsible for peoples decisions from cradle to grave.

Wednesday, May 8

Patient Man...couldn't agree more. I am tired of my hard earned tax dollars going to pay for those who do not take responsibility for their own children.

Thursday, May 9

Kim what exactly are your taxes paying for that you are so sick of? The free college? That doesn't really fall on parents...college students are adults who are responsible for themselves. The lunch debt debacle? Nope...tax payers aren't paying for that one. The free education provided by public schools? The same education you and your children recieved?

Where is it that you would like YOUR "hard earned" tax dollars to go? What would be suitable to you? We will sit and wait while Kim tells is where she wants HER money to go.

Everyone bitches about the low test scores but doesn't want THEIR money to pay to TRY to make it better. Programs like this attract TAX PAYERS to the city to raise their families. Its not all about what KIM wants!

Also, what does this have to do with parents lifestyle? Preschool costs hundreds of dollars a WEEK. Parents who can't afford that aren't taking responsibility? You don't want your precious pennies to go towards helping children yet you judge parents who can't afford such an enormous expense. Judgemental much?

Sunday, May 12