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To the Editor:

It has been reported that during the protests against the incoming administration in Washington, D.C., two Gold Star family members were accosted and degraded by anarchists while trying to enter the inauguration ball. They were both women. For those of you unfamiliar with the term "Gold Star family member,” it means they both lost a family member in the wars against terrorism.

This is not a new concept in America. During the Vietnam War service members were not received home with open arms by the traitors here in the U.S. and Canada. I can remember the looks of hatred and distaste I received by my countrymen for simply wearing my uniform. But to attack two innocent women truly shows the level of depravity this sick and twisted society we have created has sunk to.

And for no one to even attempt to come to their aid shows the level of cowardice and emasculation the men of this nation have sunk to.

I grew up in an Italian American neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. My father taught me to respect women and treat them the way I would want my mother and sister treated. The young men from my neighborhood would have explained the facts of life to those punks and not with soft words and soft actions.

Is this what eight years of incompetence and immorality has led us to? If so, thank God normal thinking Americans have voted for a change. This is truly the time when it can be said, "Any change is good.”

And please, all you whining handwringers out there, keep your ridiculous comments to yourselves. I don't waste my time reading or responding to them.

John Cervone

US Army, Retired

North Providence


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These anarchists learned their attitudes and how to treat women from the Donald.

Thursday, January 26

If I were there, those punks would have paid dearly.

Thursday, January 26