What's new with City Council is old


To the Editor:

What is new with the current council is old! The writer was optimistic with the election of three new members, but after Monday’s meeting, it was demonstrated that the old wars of “I’m in charge” was their real reason for their existence! Those three new members are: Kenneth Hopkins, Paul McAuley and Trent Colford.

Case in point: Holdover council member Steve Stycos, Ward 1, proposed and amendment that called for two (if there was a 3 or 4 minority party) members of the minority party to be appointed to all sub committees. That would leave the majority party with a plural of at least one vote on any committee, thus having the same advantage that the majority would continue to enjoy on any issue brought before the council.

What could demonstrate more, that democracy was given a real chance than that proposal? This would make it possible for more discussion on any issue before a committee, thus producing a better result.

I should be quick to point out that when the democrats were the majority party, then President John Lanni made sure the two republicans served on all committees.

As I watched each republican on the council, offer a no vote for that proposal, I felt that all of us who truly believed in democracy were reduced to not only sadness, but a realization that the republicans were willing to control and vote, without a thorough review, on all items brought before the council.

And sadly, that includes all budget matters. I firmly believe that there is no real, requirement to add to our already burdensome real estate taxes, however this council has already demonstrated that any reasonable cuts to the budget made by any democrat on the council, will be voted down by the majority, in committee or the final review and vote on the 17-18 budget. And all votes will be dictated (as was the Stycos amendment) in advance, by the Mayor in collusion with all republicans on the council: thus, leaving us poor sucker voters left with no representation.

This is a horrible time for all Cranston tax payers to be left! With virtually no concerns for our interest!

Thus, we are all left with only one chance to voice our concerns in a distinct and forceful way, and that is by first attending the balance of the budget meetings, calling your council member, and calling the Mayor! Letters to the Editor are also a good way to show your displeasure. Perhaps a good way would be for as many as possible tax payers writing a letter with all signing same.

Concentrate your calls to the three new members mentioned above: Kenneth Hopkins, 954-1607; Paul McAuley, 781-7350; Trent Colford, 714-7880.

They are the members who most recently took the pledge with hand held high to honor all the citizens of Cranston and not the mayor or their party!

Richard Tomlins



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"I should be quick to point out that when the democrats were the majority party, then President John Lanni made sure the two republicans served on all committees."

I would like to point out this is not true. When I served on the city council during my 2nd term, I was the only Republican member of the Finance committee appointed by the council president. If you don't believe me, here is a link to the finance committee minutes from March of 2015...


7 members, 6 Democrat, 1 Republican.

Thursday, May 11, 2017